Foreword by a mother

Emma is a mother who was successful in having her children reunified to her under a child protection order.  This is her advice for other parents who are dealing with the child protection system:

“You need to empower yourself.

Use the internet to educate yourself about the law, Child Safety policies, the language used by Child Safety, the language Child Safety allow, your rights, your responsibilities.

Be strong for your children, get the courage to ask for explanations, manage your emotions.

Play by Child Safety rules, and then you can call them to account.

Make agreements with Child Safety, and hold them to them.

Insist on time to prepare for meetings and to obtain a support person, don’t accept a meeting at a moment’s notice.

Be proactive: get a notebook, record every contact.”

Be honest: and make sure Child Safety record what you say accurately.

Contributed by Townsville Family Inclusion Network.
Family intervention Networks are independent groups that connect parents involved in the child protection system for the purpose of providing information, support and advocacy. See the contacts page for their details.

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