Applying to QCAT to review a contact or placement decision

Asking for the decision in writing

If Child Safety Services has made a decision about

  • who a child should live with;
  • not telling parents where they are living; or
  • the amount and type of contact between a child and their parent/s or other relatives;
  • who is approved as a kinship or foster carer

They should provide written reasons for the decision.

If a decision has been made but written reasons have not been provided, you can ask for the reasons to be given to you.

Once a decision has been made in writing you may be able to appeal it to QCAT if you do not believe that it is fair.

In most situations, you have only 28 days after you receive notice of a decision to lodge your application with QCAT for a review.

It is recommended that you seek legal advice as soon as possible after becoming aware of a decision to seek legal advice about the review process.

How to apply to QCAT

If you are unsure whether the decision Child Safety Services has made in your case is a decision that can be reviewed by QCAT, then get legal advice.

You can fill in an application (it’s best if you can get it checked over by a lawyer first) and lodge it with QCAT. For further information about QCAT, what to expect and how to prepare, see the information contained on their website.

Once QCAT receives an application, they can review the decision and either agree or disagree with Child Safety Services or change things about Child Safety Services’ position or make a new decision.

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